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Hosting and Domain Names



In order to have your own pages on the web you require the services of a Hosting service and you require a name for your site.



What is a web host

A Web host is a company that stores its customers Web pages on their Web Servers. The customer is given a password so that the web pages either, new or amended, for that customer can be uploaded. Although it is possible to host on your own computer, it requires a fair amount of expertise. The majority of people use the services of an hosting company.


AireWeb uses reliable well established Web Hosts for its clients. Depending on your requirements we will select a suitable host for your web site and set it up for the upload of your pages and files.

Generalising it takes around 2 to 3 days to sign up with a hosting company and be able to upload files to that site.


Leeds Based Businesses

AireWeb has a Leeds Information and Guide site leeds-uk.com Leeds Based Businesses who have their pages prepared by AireWeb Web designers, can have their pages hosted on leeds-uk.com as part of their chosen package. see packages


  • leeds-uk.com is an established web site.
  • The site has very high rankings with search engines.



Your Web Site will also require a name. If you use your ISP as a host or a free Web host, then the name will be incorporated into the hosts URL

Example: My M206 site hosted on my ISP, AOL

Usually the URL is lengthy and gives the impression of cheapness.

A more processional site will obtain a Domain Name.


Domain Name

The domain name for this site is aireweb.co.uk
and the URL for the site is http://www.leeds-uk.com

A well chosen domain name should be short, snappy, and easy to remember. A fine example of this is go.com. Unfortunately most of the short snappy domain names have been already purchased.

Domain names have an extension. The common ones .com, .co.uk, you will be familiar with, but there are many others. The cost of domains varies according to the extension, and the company you obtain the name from. Most Web hosting services can obtain a domain name for you. Prices are usually between £5 - £20 pound a year.

With .co.uk domains you may have to register for a 2 year period

I suggest that you purchase a suitable name before somebody else buys it.

Obtaining a Domain Name

  • You can contact Aireweb and we can obtain and register your domain name when you require us to design a web page or pages for you.

    Or you can
  • Either check on the availability or order your domain name from either of the 2 links below.


Domain Name Checker by EasySpace or
Get your own domain name:



Dedicated Hosting

Although handled by the hosting company, the Web site has its own server. Giving the site webmaster (you) more control over the choice of operating system and the back end of the server. More expensive than shared hosting.


Shared Hosting

This is basic but economic Web hosting method and numerous Web sites share the server. Usually limited web space and the amount of traffic may make the site slow for the servers bandwidth. Most personal and small businesses use this type of free or economically priced method.

Host Choosing Checklist

  • Does the host service accept commercial site.
  • Can your hosting service provide more Web space and services as your site grows.
  • Does the host provide a 24/7
  • Does your host charge for data transfer.
  • Time the server is up and running. A good time is essential for e-commerce. This is often quoted as a percentage of 24/7, e.g. 99.9%
  • Quality of Customer service, are expensive premium/national/local/free telephone charges charged for telephone queries.
  • Cost of transferring Domain names.


There are pitfalls in obtaining the wrong host. Visit the following site for more details

Paid Hosts

A paid host would be needed for large and e-commerce sites. It is much easier to use your own domain names, especially if the host obtains your Domain names.

Faster connections are usually obtained from paid hosts.

DIY Domain names and Hosting








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