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Open University Tutorial Websites.

Three seperate tutorial websites to help students of the Open University.

T171 You your Computer and the Net


HTML and Web Design

Tutorial on HTML (The markup language used to produce a web page) and Web design.
by John McGuinn


This site was only started in December 2001 and is obtaining an ever increasing amount of visitors as can be seen in the graph below

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M206 An Object-oriented Approach

Tutorial on Smalltalk and help for M206 students,
by John McGuinn

A very large site, full of useful information on Smalltalk, the programming language used on the M206 course.


Smalltalk Programming


T223 Microprocessor-based Computers


A beginer tutorial on C helpful for T223 students,
by John McGuinn.

Only a few pages but a good starting place for a beginner wishing to learn the programming language "C" that is used in the T223 course.







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