Search Engines and Site promotion
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Search Engines and Site promotion

What are Search Engines?

Search engines allow users of the World Wide Web to find information about some specific subject.  This is achieved by entering search word(s) and/or phrase(s) into the search engine input box. The search engine searches through it's database of previously indexd words and phrases, looking for pages that contain the word or phrase that match the search ones you entered. 

A list of links and a short description is then generated that the user can click on.  If the list generated is a long list then the top ranking pages near the top of the list are usually the ones that a user will select to view.

The word(s) and/or phrase(s) entered are referred to as Keywords

Are Search Engines important to my Web site?

Extremly important.
The majority of visitors to your web site will arrive there via a search Engine. The higher the ranking of your site the more visitors your site will receive.

What is Search engine ranking

Ranking is a process that the Search Engines use to decide the order in which they display there results, for the search keywords entered.  The top ranking site will appear on the top of resulting list it produces for a given search by a user.

How do Search engine rank a site

To prevent abuse by web designers Search engine keep the inner working s of their methods secret.  But the overview of their methods are as follows.

Search engines will check your site either manually, or electronically.

  • Manually
    A person called an editor will have a physical look at your site, and check that the sites contents are as given in the description given for the site.  The editor will be familiar with the contents of other similar sites and will compare the contents of your site against the contents of the other sites. The editor then will give your site a rank.
  • Electonically.
    A program called a robot will visit your site and will rank your site electronically according to a secret alograthism.  Basically it counts the number of times keywords appear on a page and the position on the page of those keywords.   The score given by the alogritham will go towards giving your page a ranking.

Another factor in your pages ranking are the number of other sites that link to your page/site.

Payments to Search Engines.

  • Some, not all, Search engines require a payment to include your site within there listings.
  • Some place payed for results at the top of the list. Depending on the Search engine used it may state that the resuls are paid for.
  • Payment ensures a faster look at your site by Search engines.  For ...
    • large businesses this may be essencial.
    • Small businesses may consider the cost will not be benificial.  Especially if their web site is being used as additional advertising to an established buseness.
  • Free submission usually takes 6-8 weeks before a site is listed and ranked. 

How do Sites designed by Aireweb rate on Search Engines

All of the sites designed by Aireweb Web design, rank well in Search engines, automatically design Web sites with obtaintaining a good Search engine ranking in mind. 




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How to use a Search engine

n order to search for some information you entera single keyword or several eywords into the input box of the search engine. Keywords are either a single word or a phrase. Phrases are enclosed in "double quote marks".

The secret of successful searches is the careful selection and combination of your keywords. 

Example searches

To use a search engine, you need to access the search engine's site, type one or more key words, and click on the "Search" or "Submit" button. If the search engine is able to locate any documents that match your search request, a list of documents will be returned. The list can be a very long one. Each one of the items on the list is a hyperlink. You can click on any one of the items to go to that specific site.





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