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What is an ISP?

An Internet Service Provider, is the company your modem connects too, via the telephone line. Once connected you can use your browser to view web pages.




What do I need to surf the web?

A computer, telephone line, modem, ISP, a web browser.

Alternative systems using a TV set are now appearing on the market.



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Frequently asked Questions.


Do I need a computer to have a web site?

No. AireWeb will do all the installation and maintenance work for you. We will also provide a live demonstration of your site on the web, on a 15'' notebook screen on your premises, to ensure that the site is correct. All that is required is a telephone socket. We use a free telephone number to connect to the web.

Do I need a computer to receive e-mail's.

If you need to receive e-mail's then normally you require a computer, a telephone, a modem, and an ISP such as AOL (America on line). There are also alternatives to this combination.

What does it cost to have an ISP?

There are many pricing structures available from the different ISP's.

Normally there are 3 independent costs involved:

  1. The telephone charge per minute. Make sure that the number used to connect to the ISP is a number charged at local rates.
  2. The monthly charge that the ISP company charges. Many are free.
  3. The cost of obtaining help from the ISP. This may be free, or it may be via a premium telephone line.

Some companies such as AOL do a fixed price service, about £15 a month, that allows access to the Internet free of telephone charges. If you are going to be surfing the net for long periods this can be the cheapest method.

Some companies provide access to the Internet free of telephone charges during the evening and at weekends, local telephone charges at other times.

Remember to read the small print.

Do web pages viewed in different web browsers appear the same?

Although similar the appearance of web pages do vary in the different browsers. Aireweb design there sites so that a pleasing result is obtained in all browsers.

Three popular browsers are:

  1. Internet Explorer (Used by approx. 80% of viewers).
  2. Netscape Navigator.
  3. Opera. (This browser is gaining in popularity, because of it's compact program size, and is fast in use).

Can I update my own web page?

If you are using one of our starter plus packages, you will be given a password that will allow you access to the source code of the web pages, this will allow you to update your own page.

If you are using one of our three starter packages, we will update the pages for you at very nominal charges. These charges will be lower if your copy update is forwarded to us by e-mail, or floppy disk.


What effect does a computers screen resolution have on the display

Different screen resolutions change the appearance of a web page. There are 2 main methods that can be used.

  • A page that always fills the browser window. This page is an example of this style. If you have a large resolution screen then narrow the width of the window and note what happens.
  • Or the page can be designed to fill the width of the screen at a resolution of 800x600. A left and/or right border is given to the sides of design, this border increases in size as the resolution increases.

Aireweb can design your pages in either of these major styles or as required by you.








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